New Vehicle & a Trip to the ER

New Vehicle & a Trip to the ER

This weekend was quite eventful! It all started late afternoon Friday when the hubs came home from work with our new family vehicle, a Jeep Grand Cherokee! Now we have been without a “family” vehicle for a while now, ever since the hubs slowly turned our only vehicle into a work truck. I’m sure some people are wondering why we only have one car – I don’t drive. It’s a phobia that gets worse as I get older & I don’t like to talk about it so moving on….

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Our truck was ridiculous after 3+ guys ride in it after working outside all day in the hot Florida heat. Not a pleasant site or smell thank you very much. It got to the point that the kids & I wouldn’t even get in it, which made it extremely hard to get around to doing anything! Now that we have our family Jeep, we are extremely happy! How did we celebrate?? Shopping of course!

KidFreshWe made a special trip to Target to get some meals for a party I was hosting for Moms Meet. I received coupons for free KidFresh frozen microwave meals! These meals are awesome!  They are all-natural, GMO-free, hidden-veggies, & yummy!




While out & about we happened upon some yard sales. I found this cute little desk at one & knew it was just perfect for our bedroom!pc desk

Since we moved here in March, I had to leave my old desk because it was way too big & bulky. We planned on getting a corner desk but it just never happened. I’m glad because this cutie fits in my bedroom & is much easier to get work done in there instead of in the middle of the house with everyone buzzing around!




We also made a special trip to the ER! The hubs works outdoors as I said & deals with a lot of beautiful plants & trees. Unfortunately, what we thought was an infected spider bite on the side of his thumb turned out to actually be a thorn that had got stuck in & abscessed! It. was. painful. The hubs has a VERY high tolerance for pain but this thing was swelling up bad & did not feel good. After some persuasion, we made the trip in the the ER Saturday to have it seen. Turns out they ended up cutting the infected, swollen area OFF! I really had no idea that it would have had to come to that…we originally thought it was a spider bite! A quick look & some antibiotics & done…NOPE. He came out with it bandaged up & said they cut it off and with NO NUMBING 1st! Oi..what a man! He feels way better now & it was much relief, both physically and mentally. He very much hates hospitals but kept thanking me afterwards for making him go.

Wanna see it?? Scroll down further to check out his after pic………..



keep scrolling, but I’m warning you!……








Stained hands from work & iodine
Stained hands from work & iodine


I told you it was nasty!! We are so glad that’s out of the way!

Oh I almost forgot to mention that my son had his 1st sleepover with his new friends here! Not his 1st ever but it was a big deal for him since we were getting worried that there were no kids in this neighborhood. With our kids being homeschooled it was quite a concern for us…but not anymore! 😀

How did your weekend go? Any awesome sales finds or events? Sound off in the comments below! 🙂


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11 thoughts on “New Vehicle & a Trip to the ER

  • Omg that looks so painful!! I’m glad you convinced him…I know how stubborn he is lol. Sweet jeep and desk!

  • Elizabeth

    I kept scrolling……ewwwwwwww!
    The Jeep is awesome. So happy for you guys!

  • Hey, Thanks for the up date. I like the new Jeep. I am Glad Peter got that thumb looked at. I still don’t understand why men don’t like doctors but push us and kids to go.

  • Evelyn St John

    Love your website. Thanks for the update..
    The new auto looks very nice. Glad you have it, now you can
    visit us..Our best to all the family & Pete’s THUMB !!

  • I am so happy for you guys, life seems to be getting for you all. Love the Jeep and you know how much I love wood furniture. The desk is so cute and the perfect fit. Pete is so stubborn but glad he listens to you once and awhile.
    Why to go L!!! Glad he has found friends. None of them have sisters M’s age?
    Love your site, keep up the good work. Very proud of you.
    Now that you have the nice ride, when are you gonna come visit your Momma?

  • OMG girl! I have the same exact phobia… people think its weird but whatever… they just don’t understand. I never thought that I would meet someone else with the same condition 🙂

    • Really?! Wow…I haven’t really met anyone else either like this…except my grandmother. It’s ridiculous right??


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