No. More. Furbabies.

Y’all think I’m kidding. I’m so beyond NOT kidding, it’s not even funny.

My husband thinks I’m kidding. I told him his new wife can take care of them if he wants more.

After going around the neighborhood this morning, searching & yelling for our bulldog. ESPECIALLY DONE

We have 4 furbabies altogether, 2 dogs & 2 cats. They all pretty much get along since they know how to leave each other alone. Well, for the most part anyway.

Bubba was our first furbabes

Bubba sleeping while Dozer photobombs

We adopted him 13 years ago when he was a 3-month-old pup & our last baby was only 2 months old. They’ve grown up together & do not know life without each other. He used to even sleep in her room up until about a year ago. In his old age, he isn’t able to hold his bladder & instead of barking to wake her up, he’d pee on the carpet. Of course, out of the whole house, he’d pee on 1 of the 2 only carpets we have. 🤦‍♀️

After a few good carpet cleanings, he was blocked from the hallway to the bedrooms. Now, he’s an old, ornery man, losing his sight & hearing. Drives me crazy how he uses it to his advantage though, especially when you tell him to stop doing something, LIKE LICKING HIS PAWS. Selective hearing at it’s best. I wish my selective hearing could block out that noise!

Bubba is also a very anxious dog. We have a vest for when it thunderstorms and fireworks. Now that his hearing isn’t so great, he isn’t really so bad about it. He has got to where he barks, A LOT. We eventually had to start keeping him in a room when guests come over because his anxiety goes sky high & he won’t stop barking for attention.

Kiki is the 2nd furbabes

She’s a gorgeous cat that decided to adopt us almost 9 years ago. Between us & the vet, we think she’s about 12 years old. She used her charm to weasel herself into our hearts. Funny how after it happened, she’s never acted that way again. Kiki doesn’t like to be held & slinks away when you try to pet her. She only wants to be touched when SHE wants it & it’s usually only a few seconds before she’s on her way. We are basically here to feed her & clean her box. Beyond that, we can eff off.

Resting B-face

She’s a very finicky cat. Everything has to be CLEAN. She will literally look you right in the eye while peeing outside of the litter box if it’s not up to her standards. We have an automatic litter box because of her & she’s angry since her brother, Rory, uses it more now instead of his own. We have to keep the bathroom door shut or she’ll pee on the floor. WTH, cat.

She also had bad ears that eventually caused her to have cauliflower ears. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by them & I think she looks adorable.

Rory was the 3rd furbaby to join us almost 6 years ago

We figure he’s about 8 or 9 years old. Another cat that adopted us. This happened just about a week or so before moving away. He showed up out of nowhere at our front door one day & would scare the hell out of you when you’d open it to go out with his LOUD meow. He was also the neighborhood bully. You could hear him scrapping all over the neighborhood. Of course, we eventually started leaving food & water for him outside, so yeah, you know how that goes.

One day, while packing & cleaning, we opened the front door to see Rory just laying there sick, DAYS before we moved out. We brought him in, nursed him back to health while also packing & cleaning. The day before we left, he was better & we decided that we couldn’t just leave him. So he came with us to the new place. That was a fun trip, especially the part where he crawled up under the brake pedal.

He’s not an outdoor cat anymore. We learned this quickly when he got out after just moving here & a dog got him. That wasn’t fun. After nursing him back to health AGAIN, & wearing a cone of shame, he stays on the back screened-in porch most of the time so he at least gets the outdoors. He’s never tried to get out again.

Rory, like Kiki, is not a cuddle kitty. He’s also still a bit skittish around the dogs, even though they never do anything to him besides try to stretch their necks to sniff him as he goes by. He also likes to get on our counters, which I HATE, because…gross. He’s knocked food off the counter & the dogs get it before he does & broke a butter dish that my mother-in-law gave me years ago (thankfully I had 2). He’s a handful.

Dozer, oh Dozer, our derpy bulldog, is the LAST FURBABY

The one we had to search all over for this morning when the wind knocked our gate open.

He came to us just before his 5th birthday 3 years ago. An acquaintance of my brother-in-law was going through a divorce but couldn’t keep him (the ex didn’t want him at all apparently.) So we took him in.

He is your usual stubborn bulldog but a bit smaller than normal, with a massive underbite, & a cherry eye. He’s my shadow, although it was a bit of a rough start with him. He thought he was going to come in & run the house. Nah, brah. I’m the queen of this castle, my guy.

When I say bulldogs are derpy, I mean DERPY. He cracks me up though sometimes. Within the first week of getting him, we had to stay in a hotel for a few days while a hurricane came through our town. THAT was stressful. 5 people, 4 animals, in a small hotel room while Dozer was still trying to get to know us…and, you know, also a hurricane.

Right after coming home from that, Dozie-doze ran, full speed, & jumped on our tall, king-sized bed…..just to fall off the other side. Yup, a trip to the ER vet at 9 pm happened. Nothing was broke but I nursed him back & we became best buds. Every so often he may get a limp because of his arm but he’s fine for the most part.

And then there were even more furbabies

I had a pet rat named Splinter for about 2 years. He was an a**hole. Point blank. When I was 15, I had the sweetest rat, named Sissy, & always wanted another one. My husband surprised me by getting one at the pet shop, except he was raised as food & not a pet. I tried everything to get him used to me & nothing worked & even had to buy welding gloves to handle him for crying out loud. We got rid of the giant cage & all the rat stuff. NOPE, DONE.

When Bubba was the only furbaby, we also took in 2 brother cats, Keenan & Jasper. We had them for about a year before giving them up. It wasn’t something we really wanted to do but didn’t have a choice at that time. Thankfully, my father-in-law took Bubba for a year until we moved from that place that wouldn’t allow us to keep them. I don’t even like talking about it.

I love all of my furbabies & would never trade them for the world

They are each stressful in their own ways but isn’t anyone? But that’s it. I’m done. When these babies are gone, I’m not getting any more – EVER.

I catch myself when I see cuteness, like another rat or mouse or, OMG, hedgehogs, sugar gliders! What about a little monkey?! NO 🛑

Y’all, I take care of 3 kids, 4 animals, & a husband, homeschool & I work from home while keeping everything clean & fed. I’m tired! 😂

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