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Planning My Next Mini-Unit Study – Animals!

Planning My Next Mini-Unit Study – Animals!Planning My Next Mini-Unit Study - Animals!

So here I am, another week, another mini-unit. Last week was about the life-cycle of plants. This time, the next chapter in our Science book is about Types of Animals. Now since I am doing this unit with M6 & L8 I can just go with the basics for now & do a more in-depth unit with them at a later time.

Some of the things covered in this section are:

  • What is an animal?
  • What are mammals & birds?
  • What are amphibians, fish, & reptiles?

This unit may take more than a week since I am going to get more in-depth with their history studies this week. We will be alternating each week between science & history so we *I* don’t get burned out!

 My 1st step is to look through the chapter & see what each section will cover. Then I go to to see if there are any lapbooks covering any of these. Usually, I don’t find one specific lapbook that covers all of the sections so I will then pull pieces I need from different ones. Also, some great places to look that have decent priced ones are, Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett, & Knowledge Box Central.

  • My 1st search resulted in a ton of great lapbooks! Now to sift through them all!

Doing a search for the specific subject & adding “unit study” or “lapbook” along with it works great. I use my Swagbucks search bar so I can get points for planning my unit studies!! woop woop!  You can find activities, crafts, books, videos, & tons of great ideas to go along with it!

Here is what I’ve found so far:

Animal Needs


Amphibians & Reptiles

Now it’s time to collect & print all of these great finds that I want to use. I usually store them in a file folder that I will end up using for our lapbook. Each day, I will do a read-aloud from our book & then do a lapbook piece or activity that corresponds with that section!

Happy Planning!

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