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Weekly Wrap-Up/Homeschool Mother’s Journal

We had fun this week studying plants with M6 & L8 while J12 continued her Victorian Era unit study. Click below for free resources for each of those units! Next week we will be starting a unit on animals & continuing our Middle Ages unit w/ L8 & M6.

Plants Life Cycle Mini Unit Study

J12 wrote her own blog post on here Thursday. You should check it out! We want this to be a weekly post for her & maybe even have a link-up for other kids/teens. How’s that sound?? She’s loves writing so I thought this would be great for her! If you know how I can get this started or of anyone else hosting a linkup for this please let me know in the comments!

She is also still working on her Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees Lapbook from Knowledge Box Central.



M6’s art project….she made a large paper cut-out of herself! Just realized the arms are missing…maybe she isn’t done after all??

The hubs & I have been going through our things & de-cluttering/organizing. It’s amazing how often we do this & STILL have so much stuff!! I’m even going through all of my boxes of school books to see what I really need to hold on to since it’s all getting carried away.

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