Should We Regulate Homeschooling More Carefully?

*Originally posted on our homeschool blog, Benoit Academy*Should We Regulate Homeschooling More Carefully?

Recently, one our very own Geeky Educational Linkup CoHosts, Jodi from, was a guest on HuffPost Live! She was there to share her thoughts and experiences with homeschooling and if there should be more regulations. Other guests included Brian Ray (President, National Home Education Research Institute), Caitlin Townsend (Graduate Student, University of Michigan), and Rob Kunzman (International Center for Home Education Research; Managing Director,

Should We Regulate Homeschooling More Carefully?

I am so proud that one of our own was able to represent the homeschooling community! She was able to explain somewhat of what her family’s take on Unschooling is. Make sure to watch (and SHARE!):

What are your thoughts on regulating homeschool more? Do you have a strict, relaxed, or somewhere-in-between law in your state?


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