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Top Tips on Dressing Up Your New TV Unit

So you’ve just been looking at TV units for sale in Melbourne and have chosen the one you want to buy for your home. Now is the time to start planning how it’s going to look when it’s in your living room.

Dressing your new tv unit is great fun as quite often it involves choosing small personal things that can sit with it. Larger items should be avoided as often they will not fit when you add your TV to the stand – unless you have bought an extra long tv unit so that you can add additional things to it.

Below we have put together our top tips on dressing up your new tv unit.

Top tips on dressing up your new tv unit

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When it comes to the winter months, your candles are lit, and the room smells refreshing and feels cozy. Even when you don’t have your candles lit, they still look stylish and are great for dressing up a lot of empty surfaces in your home. Candles come in all shapes, and sizes and vary hugely in price – ideal if you are trying to fit a budget. They can be moved around your home as well as lit in other rooms when you are relaxing in your bedroom for example.

Picture frame

Purchasing a small picture frame and presenting a special memory is the ideal way to dress up your tv unit. Depending on the space you have next to your tv, a picture frame comes in many sizes, helping you fit it into the space available. You can choose a special memory like when you got married, had your first child, or going on holiday and get it printed for the frame. It’s very cost-effective and the pictures can be updated every couple of months to keep changing the feel of your room. If you have space, why not place a couple of photo frames to show off several memories?


We love plants due to the fact they add color to a room as well as an additional dynamic. They help reduce stress levels and smell lovely. There are so many different plants that you can choose from – we recommend looking on Instagram for inspiration. Plants are affordable and can be moved around your home when you feel like updating a different area.

Most are easy to look after, reducing the need to care for them on a daily basis. Why not pop down to your local shopping center and see what types of plants they have available? If you don’t want any hassle of keeping them alive, turn to fake plants as these look real but won’t need watering on a daily basis. Just be sure to buy one that looks very realistic, otherwise fake plants can look fake and noticeably so.

Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great time saver for DIYing a suitable TV backdrop. Indeed, you can lay a stick on weathered white wood piece or hang up a tropical design featuring birds of paradise – it’s up to you! Either way, your new TV unit is going to have an excellent backing design that fits in with the aesthetic of the rest of the room. That’ll make incorporating more interesting clutter and framing pieces a lot easier. 

Have you recently purchased a new TV unit and have been trying to dress it up? What did you do to make it look more appealing? Which of the above tips do you most agree with? Let us know in the comment box below.

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