ArtSquish – K-12 Art Lessons Online

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ArtSquish - K-12 Art Lessons Online

Two of our three kids love anything that has to do with art. Our oldest used to draw all the time and we couldn’t keep up with enough sketch pads and pencils until we bought her a drawing tablet. Our youngest loves to paint, draw, and color all the time. The thing is, I have never really given them “proper” art lessons. I have found some here and there online but it would be great if I could find lessons in order and for each grade/age level for them. Thanks to ArtSquish, this is possible! ArtSquish is an indispensable site for Art Educators: K-12 teachers or homeschool parents.

There are 2 Sections to Artsquish:

  • Free JuiceBar blog has all kinds of information about teaching art, with tips, tricks, & techniques.
  • Subscriber section is the art class revolution realized: Weekly lessons, a teaching system, and classroom How-to articles; everything you need to be the teacher you want to be – all while saving you tons of time.

With ArtSquish, you get lessons in order and broken into grade levels so it is easy to find what you are looking for. With a subscription,  you will get weekly lessons as well as access to past lessons. For each lesson, everything is there that you will need to teach along with a list of needed materials. This way, you can look ahead, if you are on a past lesson, to make sure that you have the needed materials. Each lesson is tailored for classroom teaching and homeschool settings, such as ours. One lesson is usually broken into 2 or more parts so you can get in at least 2 days worth of Art class in a week. This is great for planning out your school lessons for the week or even month!

Lesson plans

With lesson plans arranged for you, you get:

  • classroom teaching outlines
  • photos
  • what to expect
  • lesson objectives
  • glossary definitions
  • timers
  • special tips
  • sample classroom dialog
  • videos
  • Art history component

We sat down with our 8 year old for the Grades 3 – 5 lessons and started with Week 1. She really enjoyed it so much that we were able to complete the entire lesson in one sitting! Week 1 is all about Foundations – Start Drawing!

ArtSquish – K-12 Art Lessons Online

ArtSquish – K-12 Art Lessons Online

ArtSquish – K-12 Art Lessons Online

Interested in trying ArtSquish yourself? You can access a FREE art lesson to see how it works for you and your family! Ready to subscribe? Only $16 per month gets access to everything!

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9 thoughts on “ArtSquish – K-12 Art Lessons Online

  • Great post! This sounds like so much fun! My daughter recently took to “drawing” lines with her crayons.. on our coffee table – so yeah, I suppose I could use something like this! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    • Oh no! Hopefully you can get the crayon off of the coffee table! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • The awesome part is that you don’t have to be a homeschooler to use this program!

  • hey, I can see they really love drawing. Have you ever tried working with a drawing pad. I myself have been using them for 2 years now and in your case, I feel like it will really help them learn faster. And the best thing about drawing pads is them come really cheap…
    check out this article to learn more Cheap Drawing Tablets
    Check them out… there are various free tutorials at all the major video sites including youtube to get started with them and learn faster.

    • Hello, we do have a drawing tablet actually! Our oldest is an amazing artist and uses it daily.

  • I have been struggling to find out the detailed information about the topic but failed everytime. luckily, my friend shared shared your blog post today, and its really interesting one. Can not go back without appreaciting your effort. Thanks and Love from my side.


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