How Dogs Can Provide Beneficial Qualities to Family Life

How Dogs Can Provide Beneficial Qualities to Family Life

Restore The Calm

When you have three children and a husband to look after you would think that the household is hectic enough already, but having a pet can also add another interesting dynamic to your family brood. It provides a bonding opportunity for your family and can be very beneficial for your mental and physical well being by reducing stress and enabling you to get more exercise with your dog.

How a Dog Can Help With Your Children’s Development

Scientists have studied data looking into how owning a dog can have beneficial factors in your children’s development. There were several positive attributes that they discovered.

  • Dog walking and play time with the children were shown to have a positive effect on social and emotional development from a young age.
  • Children with dogs in their family were 40% less likely to have reading difficulty compared to children without pets.
  • They were 34% more likely to demonstrate prosocial behavior.

Other benefits to having a dog in the family home is that you can instill a sense of responsibility with your young children in how to look after your pet by feeding, washing, taking it for walks and play time. This will be good for developing their skills before school age, which will be beneficial when they start communicating and interacting with other children.

Provide Structure to the Day

When you are homeschooling or working from home, which many people have been doing during this pandemic, each day can become a little monotonous at times. Having a dog can break up that everyday routine as you need to bathe them, take them for walks, research various Freshpet reviews to find suitable nutritious food and enjoy lots of playtime and cuddles. Each day will vary slightly when you have a pet as you might find you are doing the various activities but it in a slightly different order.

Quiet Time For Mom

Considering quiet moments can be somewhat rare on occasions as a mom, having a dog can aid much needed time for yourself. You can suggest that your children take the dog out into the yard (if you have one of course) or go and give it a wash in the bathroom while you undergo domestic duties or need to work from home in silence for a little bit.

Once the children are old enough they can also take the dog out to the local park which will be beneficial for both, as it will provide much needed exercise and fresh air. You will certainly have quiet time to yourself and be able to have a relaxing bubble bath with your feet up, a nice beverage and a book you can escape in before all the madness resumes when the children return home from their walk.

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