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How Robots Can Help With Household Chores

How Robots Can Help With Household Chores

The idea of robots helping with housework seems like a futuristic concept. However, it turns out that such robots already exist. Below are just some of the different robots that are now available to help with various household chores.

Cleaning the floor

The most popular household robots are robot vacuum cleaners. For those that hate vacuuming, these robots can be a huge help – using sensors, these small disc-like robots are able to freely move around your floor while avoiding walls and objects. There are lots of different robot vacuum cleaners on the market including the Roomba and models by Dyson and Coredy. It’s worth taking the time to compare the different models as some are better for different budgets and needs.

Got a hardwood or vinyl floor? There are also robots that can sweep and mop the floor for you. Check out this little robot.

Mowing the lawn

If you’ve got a lawn, you’ll know that maintaining it can be quite a chore. Fortunately, there are now robots out there that can cut the grass for you. Similar to robot vacuum cleaners, these robots use sensors that are able to detect obstacles, allowing them to freely navigate your yard without crashing into anything. You’ll still need to manually empty any lawn cuttings, but otherwise, you can pretty much sit back while the robot mower does all the work. Be sure to check out different models – some are better for uneven terrain and there are some that can automatically return to their charging station afterward.

Robot lawnmowers aren’t the only robots that can help with outdoor chores. There are also robots that can scrub swimming pools and jet-wash patios.

Heavy lifting

Need to do some heavy lifting work? One invention that could help is the lifting exoskeleton. Those robot suits are able to help make lifting heavy objects easier by taking much of the strain for you. Right now, they’re still very much new tech – Ford’s factory workers and a few construction firms have already started to put them into use and we may start to see them getting more widely adopted in the next couple of decades.

Lifting exoskeletons are thought to make a huge difference to people with disabilities, helping to return full lifting movement to the arms. There are also exoskeletons in development that can help paraplegic users with spinal injuries to walk again. It’s a potentially revolutionary technology.

Making your dinner

If you despise home cooking, I’ve got some good news – you can now buy robots to cook meals for you. Robotic kitchens can be programmed to prepare all kinds of meals while taking into account dietary requirements and portion size. They can even do the washing up for you afterward. Unfortunately, such tech currently isn’t very cheap – the Moley Kitchen robot costs an eye-watering $330,000. In the future, such tech might become a little more affordable, but right now robot kitchens are only an option for those that are already to afford home chefs.

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