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How To Attract More Showings For Your House On The Market

How To Attract More Showings For Your House On The Market

The major key to selling your home quickly is to get the word out about your property. Getting as many people as possible to know about your home on the market is crucial, chiefly if the housing market is oversaturated. Though you may be selling in a buyer’s market, there are still some steps you can take to attract more showings. Soon your house for sale will have the perfect offer.

Make It Simple To See Your Home

One of the best ways you can attract more showings is if you make the process of showing your home simple and easy. If you are using a real estate agent, have them post your home on the multiple listing service. The listing should read “call first, lockbox.” Avoid limiting times people can come see your property and whatever you do not ask that potential homebuyers make an appointment as the only way to see the property. You do not want to make it difficult for another real estate agent to gain access to your home if you are not there and you do not want to make scheduling difficult for the potential homebuyer.

Use A Lockbox

Using a lockbox is a great way to increase your showings for your home. People no longer have to wait until you are home to look at your property. Because you left a key in the lockbox, an agent or a potential homebuyer can gain access to your home. Make sure that you put the lockbox in a place near your home. If you feel uneasy about someone having access to your home keys, you can get a digital lockbox that may have the option to lock and unlock during a certain timeframe.

Provide A Competitive Buyer’s Agent Commission

This is a super simple step you can do to ensure that you provide an incentive for a homebuyer’s agent to help sell your home. All you have to do is double-check with your listing contract to see if your listing agent is splitting your commission down the middle with the buyer’s agent. If you get pushback, remember that you are the one paying the commission so you can determine which funds go where.

Market Your Listing

Marketing your listing is a tried and true method of attracting more showings for your house on the market. There are several ways you can spread the word using marketing tactics. You could do direct mail with a postcard to neighboring homes and neighborhoods. Take out an ad in the local paper if you want to be old fashioned. In addition to taking out a newspaper ad, you should also consider using websites like Craigslist, Zillow, Google, and Trulia. Of course, you can always use social media since it is relatively cheap. You can use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

No matter what method you use, or if you use a combination of all of them, you should include as much details about the listing as possible. Include things like the number of rooms, the square footage and other notable amenities.

Offer A Catered Lunch

There is nothing that will gather people like a free meal. Offering a catered lunch is common practice in some markets, so you will be in great company. Keep in mind that typically buyer’s agents will stick around. Ensure that everything is in tip-top shape as they will likely be paying attention to small details that may be overlooked had you done a quick tour without a catered lunch.

Send Out An E-Flyer

Create a digital flyer to be sent to everyone in your network and email lists. You could even ask your agent to create a flyer and send it to other agents who may be working in the area as well as agents to may be outside the area but typically bring homebuyers into your city. This method is easy and inexpensive to do.

Create A Limited-Time Promotion

If you advertise a limited-time promotion that potential homebuyers will take advantage of, there is a greater chance that you will attract more showings for your property. This promotion or offer could be anything from paying the buyer’s mortgage interest rate for three years to offering to pay the property taxes for a year. Whatever offer you decide to make, this is a great way to get people motivated to take your listing seriously and book those appointments for showings.

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