How To Make Meals For Your Houseguests Stress-Free

If you are thinking about hosting family or friends for an overnight or extended stay visit after a considerable time away, you may be anxious about the prospect. You are likely wondering what to feed them. Inviting people into your home and offering them enjoyable meals does not have to be a burdensome affair, however. Take a few proactive steps to prepare for the fun and the rekindling of friendships along with lots of delicious food.

How To Make Meals For Your Houseguests Stress-Free

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Prepare your meals ahead of time

Meal preparation is an area that may take the most time and effort when you have guests. You want everything to be easy and welcoming. To that end, begin your meal prep in advance. That does not mean that you need to have all of the vegetables chopped and the meals frozen. It simply means that you should create a menu for each meal. Once you have a menu in place, you can make your grocery shopping list from there. Your next steps will be to do as much prep as time and food freshness allows.

Select easy recipes

As you are working on your menu, incorporate simple options such as easy oven toast to ensure meals like breakfast are served quickly and efficiently. You can add a jelly and jam bar when making toast. Other delicious options are mashed avocado, hard-boiled eggs, and a variety of seasonings. You can never go wrong with some real butter and a cinnamon and sugar mix, too.

Inquire about dietary restrictions

Knowing what foods your guests like and whether they have any food allergies or dietary preferences will go a long way in making everyone comfortable. If you have not connected in a while, go ahead and ask if their diets have changed so you can accommodate them as needed. If your cousin says that she is now a vegetarian but cooking these types of meals is unfamiliar to you, ask if she has any recipe recommendations. She will appreciate your care and it will make your role that much easier.

Bring them into the kitchen

Another way to tackle meals is to invite your guests to make them with you. Cooking does not have to be a solitary activity. It can be fun and full of conversation and laughter. Turn on some music, pour a glass of your favorite beverages, and reconnect. You will hardly know that you are working.

Set it and forget it

Kitchen appliances like crock pots and instant pots are designed to make your life easier. Opt for one or two recipes that are easily made in these. Make sure you always read the instructions to ensure you follow safe food preparation.

Watch this video to help you decide which of these devices is best for you.

Make and freeze a few meals

If you can, make and freeze some meals in advance to make hosting easier on you. Perhaps you will be playing tour guide for your guests. If so, making a dish like a lasagna beforehand means you only need to remember to take it out of the freezer and allow enough time for baking. Add a simple salad and some bread, and you are all set for an easy meal together.

How To Make Meals For Your Houseguests Stress-Free

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With a little planning, you will ensure a pleasant and memorable time with those you love. Good food and great friends are what it is all about.

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