How to Take Charge of Your Health This Year

How to Take Charge of Your Health This Year

The COVID-19 outbreak has made health the primary topic of conversation throughout the world for the past year. Being at home more and having extra time to think may have got you thinking about your health and how it could be improved. The pandemic has undoubtedly brought the importance of health and wellbeing into sharp focus, so, naturally, it is a subject many people are thinking about right now. If you have been looking for ways to improve your health and make positive changes in your life, you may be wondering where to get started. Take a look at these ideas to help you take charge of your health this year:

Schedule a Check-Up With the Doctor

Building up a picture of your general health is an excellent way to understand how healthy you are right now. Scheduling a consultation with your doctor for a health check is a helpful way to get an overview of your current health and essential health indicators such as your BMI (body mass index) and your blood pressure. Your BMI and blood pressure are two factors that can increase the likelihood of diseases in the future, so ensuring both of these are within a healthy range is a great starting point when understanding your health. Your doctor may advise you on the changes you could make to improve your health further.

Deal With Ongoing Health Issues

If you suffer from aches, pains, and other ongoing health problems, you will know only too well how much of a toll these can take on your daily life. Chronic health conditions are a significant concern for many people and are incredibly common. According to the CDC’s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, it is believed that as many as 6 in 10 American adults have a chronic health condition. So, if you are among this number, you most certainly are not alone in dealing with a chronic health condition.

An ongoing health issue can take a severe toll on everyday life and ultimately impact all areas of your life. Routine activities such as getting dressed or taking a walk can be challenging when you have a chronic condition. If you have not received a definite diagnosis for your condition and you do not have a treatment plan in place, it may be a good idea to actively seek one out. You may find that there are treatment options available that can help your condition. Realizing that you don’t need to spend your life dealing with health issues or significantly reducing the impact they have on you can be life-changing. Actively looking for a diagnosis and then getting the proper treatment is possible for many conditions. Even conditions such as the spinal disorder scoliosis could potentially be improved with specialist treatment by a team such as Southwest Scoliosis. Taking control of chronic health conditions can make such a significant difference to your wellbeing, so it is well worth seeing if there is treatment available to help you, even if you have tried in the past.

It may well be the case that the reason you do not have a treatment plan in place is that there isn’t really much that can be done for you. In terms of health issues such as chronic pain, there is no way to cure it, only manage it. Some of the changes include lifestyle changes such as nutrition and the amount of exercise that someone completes, where others include medications. There are, of course, alternatives to this such as natural remedies, and a lot of people now grow these themselves. If you do find yourself drawn to this option and find natural remedies are the best way to manage your chronic pain, then don’t forget to go online and click renew ACMPR license when the time comes!

How to Take Charge of Your Health This Year

Talk Things Through

If you feel that you face barriers that prevent you from getting healthier, then it is helpful to address these. You may feel like you are stuck in a rut and unable to get motivated, or perhaps you feel that you have issues to overcome before making your health a priority. It can be beneficial to address whatever is holding you back from putting your health first and try to overcome it. Making changes to your life can be really challenging to achieve alone. It is often helpful to confide in someone you trust about how you feel to gain their support. Alternatively, you may find it more helpful to seek professional help from a trained counselor. Talking things through and getting to the root of the issue can lead to profound positive changes in your life and help you make your health and wellbeing a priority for this year and beyond.

Keep Moving

Keeping active is one of the single most important things to do to stay healthy. If you have not been physically active for a long time, you may feel like you won’t manage it. But, even smaller changes to your activity level are beneficial. Don’t be disheartened if you have friends that visit the gym every day and run marathons; taking steps towards upping your activity levels at your own pace can really help. The generally recommended amount of physical exercise for adults is 30 minutes of moderate activity each day, which can include things such as brisk walking. Before you start a new exercise or fitness plan, it is best to check with your doctor to ensure it is healthy and safe for you to do so.

When you do start to increase your physical activity, you should find that it has many benefits throughout your life. Many people find that exercise is an effective way to manage stress and gives their wellbeing a boost. Being physically active releases many happy hormones, so you should feel great after your fitness session.

Focus on Nutrition

Many people struggle to stick with diets and eating plans. If you feel that you need to lose weight, you may need to talk to your doctor or consult a qualified nutritionist to receive expert advice on the best weight loss methods to suit your needs.

It may be helpful to try eating a diet filled with foods beneficial to your health and containing a healthy balance of the food types your body needs. Nourishing your body with foods that will provide it with the fuel it needs to be healthy can be a great way to change your perspective on eating and feel better as a result.

Don’t forget to keep tracking your progress as you take your journey towards better health this year. Taking charge of your health and managing it proactively is an excellent way to feel great and improve many areas of your life.

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10 thoughts on “How to Take Charge of Your Health This Year

  • Thank you for reminding us how important it is to undergo regular checkups. People often excuse themselves because they work a lot and don’t have enough time to go to the doctor. But don’t forget that our health determines how much time we will have in the end.

  • Thank you for the reminder to take steps to care for my health this year. I am so good about getting everyone else in the family to have regular check ups but I haven’t had one in two years!

  • I am working on this! I do try to always keep moving. I never like to sit for too long.

  • Tara Pittman

    I will be through with my allergy shot build up in March and I am so excited to switch to monthly shots. It has been a tough 2 years of taking charge of my health.

  • Love all your tips! I can’t wait to take new steps towards a healthier lifestyle in 2024! Thanks for the reminder!

  • Moving is the big one for me. My job has gotten more sedentary this year and it’s showing on my hips.

  • Seeking a diagnosis and proper treatment for ongoing health issues is important for improving daily life. Talking to someone you trust or a counselor can help overcome obstacles

  • The reminder to keep moving, even if it’s small steps, is just the motivation I needed.

  • Taking care of our health is so important. And I do need to make an appointment for my yearly physical so thanks for the reminder!

  • I have chronic health problems so I feel like I live at the doctors office. It’s not fun going to constant drs appointments and multiple medications daily just to function.


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