Random Rash On Your Body? Here’s Where It Might’ve Come From

Random Rash On Your Body? Here's Where It Might've Come From

Every now and then, you notice a rash of sorts on your body. It can come out of nowhere and be on any part of your body. You don’t have a clue what caused it, but this post should give you an idea of a few common reasons you have a rash…


Allergies are a very frequent cause of rashes around your body. Typically, an allergic rash will appear on your forearms, but it can also be on your neck, chest, and other body areas. A key sign this is an allergic rash is if it’s really red and itchy. Also, if you’re in contact with or around something that you’re not usually near, it can be a sign of an allergy. For example, if you’ve put on a new top that’s made from a fabric you’ve never worn – and you suddenly have a rash – it’s a fair assumption that this is a slight allergic reaction.

Similarly, you can get allergic reactions to different animals. Cats and dogs are common allergies, but you should also think about bees and wasps. It’s not unheard of to get an allergic reaction to stings from these critters, though it should be obvious if your rash was caused by one as you’d feel them sting you. Also, one final note on allergies, if you’re sneezing or have other typical allergy symptoms, that’s a good indication that your rash goes along with these symptoms.


We’re somewhat following on from the last point by continuing to talk about animals. In this case, bites refer to things like mosquitos, flies – any little pests that can bite you. In many instances, these bites become itchy and generate a rash – especially if you scratch them. This isn’t classed as an allergic reaction as it’s just something that happens when certain insects bite you. Again, it’s easy to know if this is the cause of your rash as you should also see some insect bites around the red rash.

Skin irritants

Sometimes, ingredients in your products can cause rashes. This may fall under the allergy heading, but some people get rashes even if they’re not allergic to a substance. It’s just a case of a particular ingredient irritating the skin and causing the rash. A very common example of this is a rash under your arms caused by deodorant. If you have sensitive skin, this will often happen and can be solved by switching to a different deodorant.


Finally, your random rashes might be caused by sweat! Not the nicest thing to think about, but sweaty areas of your body can easily become irritated and lead to rashes. Again, your underarms are a common place, as is your back. You will know if this is the cause of your rash as it can fade away after you’ve had a wash!

Granted, the cause of your rash still might not be on this list. However, you can move through the possibilities and rule them out. At the very least, it should help you realize what isn’t causing your rash! Still, many of you will now know why you have this rash and can find the solutions to deal with it.

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