TikTok Fun You Can Have With The Family

Looking for some great ways to bond with your kids? Perhaps you’re looking for ways you can keep your kids entertained throughout the summer? Could TikTok be the answer?

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms and is particularly popular among younger people. But it’s also finding its popularity with adults, who love being entertained by these short, sharp videos.

If you’re looking for ways to bond with your kids this summer, why not turn to TikTok? Here are some ideas for TikTok fun you can have with the family.

TikTok Fun You Can Have With The Family

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Learn a family dance routine

Dance routines are very popular on TikTok. Many people have created great videos and dances, which you can then follow along easily to recreate your own video.

Find a family-friendly routine you can all get involved in, using popular TikTok songs. It’s all a bit of fun and will no doubt need several takes to get it right, so it could leave everyone a little tired out afterward!

Show how you do chores

Cleaning and chore hacks make great TikTok content – do you have any of your own you can share? If you struggle to get your kids to do their chores, then this could be a fun and easy way to get them involved. You might need to make a little mess first to give you something to clean up, but that’s ok if it’s in aid of entertainment!

How well do you know your kids?

How well do mum and dad know their children? This is a fun TikTok idea in which parents answer questions on how well you know your children, with forfeits at stake if they get it wrong. You can also turn the tables so that the kids are the ones to answer, helping you film a series on this theme that will make for some great videos.

Perhaps it’s time to study up on your kids more?

Get the pet involved

It’s like pets were made for social media! Dogs and cats are all over the platform, with a mixture of fun and cute photos that people just love to lap up. There is a lot of great dog TikTok videos to give you some inspiration for some videos you can make with your own pet. Sometimes pets are entertaining on their own, but there are also some food and training-based challenges that will make everything even more fun.

As a parent, you could be worried that your child spends too much time on their phone being passive, instead of being present and engaged. By getting the whole family involved in making TikToks, there are ways you can spend time together as a family, but also change the way your kids interact online. With so many great ideas for family TikTok videos, be prepared for a busy summer ahead making fun and entertaining videos as a family.

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