Ways To Have A Little Fishy On Your Dishy More Often

There are some foods that we should all probably be eating more often. Probiotics are one. Most fruit and veg would probably count. However, when it comes to meats, you might think that it’s easy to get all you need. But what about the meat that is arguably the healthiest of them all? Here, we’re going to look at what you could do to get a little more fish in your diet and why it’s important.

Ways To Have A Little Fishy On Your Little Dishy More Often

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Why fish is worth the fuss

If you’re aiming to eat healthy then you should make sure that you’re incorporating some fresh fish, unless you’re a vegetarian or vegan. For one, they are one of the easiest sources of easily digested animal proteins, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are essential for the heart, lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. However, they are also excellent for the brain, with some evidence to suggest that they lower the risk of depression, dementia, and a host of other mental conditions.

Toss it in your salad

While it may not necessarily count as a fish in terms of biological categorization, shrimp and prawns are a great way to add some seafood to your diet and they do much the same job as any other fish. You can throw them into a salad quite easily. You can also eat raw salmon and, indeed, a lot of people who start find that it’s fantastic when it’s fresh, cold, and goes great with a salmon. Just make sure that it is stored and prepared properly before you try it.

Try blackening it

If you find that you have a little trouble with the texture and taste of cooking fish as it is, then you should learn a few other ways to cook it. Blackening is a fantastic method that uses butter as well as spices and herbs. It’s then pan-seared in this coating to give it a crunchy crust and a much richer range of flavors. This blackened grouper recipe can take you by the hand through each step of the process. Grouper isn’t the only fish that it can be done with, however, so try it with whatever fresh fillet you pick up at the market or store.

Make it a cake

If you find that the texture of fish fillets by themselves can get a little boring for your palette and you are getting sick of them, then you can instead turn them into patties and cakes. What’s more, savory cakes such as a chili salmon pattie can do a lot to mask the fishy taste with spices or game-changers such as onion or garlic. Adding some mashed potatoes or breadcrumbs helps to not only helps the patties stick and retain their shape but also gives a nice texture change to them, too.

Fish can be incredibly good for you, but there’s no denying that eating it straight can get pretty monotonous, pretty quick. Hopefully, the tips above give you some ideas of how to put it on your plate more often.

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