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4 Key Financial Tips for Busy Moms

4 Key Financial Tips for Busy Moms

As moms, we’re busy taking care of our family, our homes, and everything in between. Sometimes we get so busy (and often burnt out) that we forget to think about the future. Planning out our finances and saving money may not be at the top of our everyday to-do list, but it should be pretty high up there. If you’ve been putting off developing a financial plan for your family, here’s your chance to get started.

Save a Little and a Lot

If you don’t already have a family budget in place, you need to take some time to create one. All you need is a simple spreadsheet, and you’ll be well on your way. If you already have a budget, how much money are you putting away into savings each month? Do you have separate savings accounts for emergencies, retirement, college, etc.? Saving a little money each month for short-term needs, such as holidays, birthdays and vacations is a must for every family. However, you should consider saving a lot more money (over time) for retirement, emergencies, and college as well.

Pay Off Debt

If you’re like most people, you have debt you wish you didn’t. If that’s true, it goes without saying that one of your savings accounts should be a debt reduction fund. Not only is paying off your debt better for you and your family in the long run, but it also teaches your kids to make wise financial decisions.

Buy What You Can Afford

This is another way to teach your children to be fiscally responsible. Just because we have credit doesn’t mean we have to use it. Saving money to purchase a special item (rather than buying on impulse) is a life lesson we all need to practice.

Making Money Builds Confidence

As moms, we often focus more on our children’s needs than our own. Building self-confidence is frequently a need that both children and moms have. What better way to pump up your confidence than to find a fun, interesting way to make some money that will help support your family?

Examples of legitimate side hustles for moms include blogging, selling crafts, affiliate marketing, and providing services. Website development and social media management are examples of common services. Consider dedicating any money you make on the side to one of your savings funds. Every little bit helps when you’re a busy mom.

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  • Yes, I could not agree more from your blog. Buy what you think you can afford. Never borrow from the credit card that you don’t know if you can pay it right away. Remember, everything you do about spending and borrowing money. It will affect your credit score. I highly recommend this blog to know more about increasing your credit score.


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