Fresh & Healthy Summer Recipes

Summer is officially here! Time for outdoor and water fun. It’s felt like Summer here in Florida for months now and these temps are killing us. We will see the beach a few times during it I’m sure as well as some fun family outings. Most of us are looking for ways to eat healthier and packing snacks or picnic foods may be a challenge to stick with it. Having a food allergy just makes it harder but BFree foods has some amazing fresh & healthy Summer recipes to help you out!

About BFree Foods
BFree exists to inspire a lifestyle that helps you live well and feel great. Passionately dedicated to providing exceptional taste, nutrition and performance, BFree’s wraps, rolls, pitas, bread loaves and bagels are made from only the highest-quality natural and premium ingredients. BFree products help you live free from allergens, gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, nuts and soy, and are also vegan-friendly, low-fat, non-GMO and high-fiber.

BFree has teamed up with health and yoga guru Julie Montagu to develop some easy and healthy summer recipes designed to promote a healthier you.

Fresh & Healthy Summer Recipes

B.L.T. (Beautiful, Long Tresses)

This B.L.T. wrap includes walnuts, spinach, and hard-boiled eggs for optimum hair health.

Fresh & Healthy Summer Recipes - B.L.T. wrap


Good Gut Club (Healthy Gut)

Packed with fiber, this pita club can help enhance the function of the immune system and contribute towards healthy weight loss.

Fresh & Healthy Summer Recipes - Good Gut Club


Mindfulness Bites (Food for the Mind)

This sandwich includes smoked salmon and cashews that can help support and stabilize your moods and help keep anxiety at bay.

Fresh & Healthy Summer Recipes - Mindfulness Bites


Roll Back the Clock (Anti-Aging Benefits)

Help slow the skin aging process and encourage the growth of new skin cells with this wrap.

Fresh & Healthy Summer Recipes - Roll Back the Clock


A Slice of Energy (Boost Energy)

Give your body a boost of energy that can be maintained all day with this veggie and hummus stuffed wrap.

Fresh & Healthy Summer Recipes - A Slice of Energy


For additional information, visit BFreeFoods.com or find the brand on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube.

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